Ongoing Meditation Instruction

Meditation Classes

All are welcome

A chance to practice every week.

Our meditation sessions are designed to strengthen your meditation practice in a supportive community setting. No registration needed.

With Instruction:
On Thursdays, all are welcome. Come as a beginner for assistance or to deepen your practice; and receive guidance on your experience. We begin at 7:00 with instruction, a 30-40 minute meditation, then open discussion and Q&A from 8:00-8:30. 

Longer Courses:
For longer courses, consider our 5-week classes on Meditation or Intro to Buddhism. 

Scroll down to learn more about what you may learn.

Meditation with Instruction

  • Thursday evenings 7:00-8:30 pm
  • All welcome (no sign up required)
  • Donations appreciated but not necessary.

What You'll Learn

How to Sit, Supported

Learn to meditate comfortably, whether using a chair, meditation bench or cushion.

Support the Seattle Buddhist Center

Mindfulness of Breathing

Eliminate distractedness by developing greater awareness and mental concentration.

Metta Bhavana

Dissolve anger and aversion by cultivating universal love and a tranquil heart.

What to Expect

Our Thursday meditation classes vary focus among the Mindfulness of Breathing, Cultivation of Loving-Kindness, and Walking meditations. 

We will provide assistance with the practice, and in learning how to sit in a supported way. (Chairs, cushions, and benches will all be provided.) There will be time for practice and for brief feedback on your experience.

All are welcome. No need to sign up, just come. Donations appreciated, but not necessary. 


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Mindfulness of Breathing

“The mindfulness of breathing is not about concentration in the sense of a narrow, willed application of the attention to an object. It involves gradually unifying the attention around one’s own natural breathing process, integrating all one’s mental, emotional, and physical faculties by means of gently but persistently bringing the attention back to the experience of the breath, again and again.” — Sangharakshita

A four-stage sitting practice focusing on the out-breath, in-breath, whole process of breathing and its associated sensations, as well as sharper focus on a single point in our experience of the breath.


Cultivation of Loving kindness (Metta-Bhavana)

“Metta, maitri in Sanskrit, is a response of care and warmth and kindness and love to all that lives, a totally undiscriminating well-wishing that arises whenever and wherever we come into contact with, or even think about, another living being.” — Sangharakshita

A five-stage sitting practice in which we develop love towards one’s self, a near and dear friend, a ‘neutral’ person or stranger, someone we dislike or with whom we are having conflict, and then towards all living beings everywhere.